When looking at every bike fit, we are all different sizes, with different needs to be met by our bikes. Add in our individual mobility, the amount of time we spend on our bikes and this is a long equation.  



It doesn’t matter what level you are riding at, comfort is key to a sustainable riding position

Injury Prevention

When you are in the correct position you should have optimal biomechanics and less compensation of movement


With the right position you will have more comfort, your body will be working optimally, and this can increase performance.



This is more than just a bike fit – we aim to increase your knowledge of the causes of your aches and pains.  

Using 3D motion capture technology, the Retül system accurately measures every degree and millimetre of distance of your position on the bike. This is displayed for you and the fitter to see, helping support the fitter in choices and to help increase your personal riding experience. 


Assesment – your pre-fit physical assessment should help the fitter understand your body’s limitations, previous injuries and pain, and your goal on the bike. 

On the bike – using LED sensors and attaching them 8 anatomical points on your body which will be tracked by the Retül Vantage Motion Capture system. This is used to collect real-time, three-dimensional data from every pedal stroke creating a dynamic fit experience. 

Analysis – The real-time data is compiled in to the Retül software, this gives your current ranges and compares them to our injury prevention zones. The fitter will then discuss any changes to help you achieve your perfect riding position. 

Final fit – once you and the fitter have dialled in your final bike position, the fitter will measure your bike in to the Retül system and create a fit report that you can reference any time after. 


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